See what our clients are saying about Matt Jones Strength & Conditioning

MATT DOCKRILL, Professional MMA Fighter & NoGi Super Absolute Winner (Grappling Industries)

“Since first meeting Matt in 2014, he has completely revolutionised my strength & conditioning regime and the results I have achieved under his careful guidance have been both personally satisfying and unequivocally evident in my performances. Competing in Professional MMA and Jiu-Jitsu, small advantages in S&C have significant effects on results and I take comfort in knowing Matt is world-class in his leadership in this field.


Matt’s unbelievably wide knowledge of all things movement and strength never ceases to amaze me, with the unwavering ability to answer/work through my most obscure questions. His knowledge is bested only by his ability to take complicated ideas and principles and translate them into simple instructions, allowing for immediate implementation. I look forward to continuing my work with Matt long into the future as he continues to be my go to for all things performance/strength & conditioning.”

DANIEL CURRIE, Professional MMA Fighter & 2 x NoGi Super Absolute Winner (Grappling Industries)

“Since attending Matt’s Level 1 S&C seminar I’ve begun paying more attention to my posture. This has helped me maintain better posture at work, during day-to-day activities as well as when participating in physical activity such as BJJ, striking and lifting weights. I’ve already started to feel some improvements in the way my body feels and I look forward to ongoing changes thanks to Matt’s practical philosophy of how the human body should move.”

TOM CUSACK, Semi-Professional Soccer Player

“My name is Tom I’m a 22 year old semi professional soccer player looking to head to Europe for some professional trials. I joined ISOHEALTH to work purely on my conditioning and take my fitness and strength to the next level. Simply put, Matt was the best coach I have had. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable about everything I wanted to achieve and how to achieve it. He made sure I was following a strict regime and monitored my progress every time I was at the gym. I thank Matt for all of his help, and strongly recommend ISO for any Strength and Conditioning work.”

ZOE STRYKER, 2015 BJJ Australian Cup Champion & Mother of Two

“Since taking Matt Jones’ Strength & Conditioning Level 1 Seminar I have noticed an increased awareness of my posture whilst doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and in my everyday activities. During the course Matt explained how to safely complete a deadlift. He included details I had never heard before and even though he gave me a vast amount of information, each step was explained in such a way that made it easy to remember and understand its relevance.

As a Blue-Belt in BJJ, I have noticed that since the seminar and following the plan that Matt recommended, that I have become more challenging to take down, standing up in someone’s guard is a lot easier and I don’t get my posture broken as easily. Knowing how my spine is strongest has also helped me to avoid spinal injury or pain, even when participating in jiu-jitsu competitions.

At home I have been able to play more actively with my children, carrying and lifting have become easier. Being stronger I have also found all my active jobs have become easier. I would (and do) highly recommend Matt Jones strength teaching to anyone. It has helped me immensely.”

Revd Dr WARREN HUFFA, Reverend, PhD & BJJ Blue-Belt

“I’ve been doing one of Matt’s S&C programs now for about three years. Weight and strength have jumped way ahead of what I thought achievable for a man in his mid-fifties. I’ve increased my muscle mass and my strength is better than it was 20 years ago. I wish I’d known about deadlifts, and the correct way to do them, way back then. Matt took me through the program carefully and made sure that my deadlift form was 100% right so that I could build up to lifting over twice my body weight. Ongoing advice and support is always there with Matt, and the availability of the equipment makes it easy to train regularly.”

Dr ROSS HAMILTON, PhD Research Scientist

“Power without control is not only a waste of energy but in relation to strength and conditioning programs, can lead to injury. After years of lower back pain, I avoided certain back exercises as I believed they would make things worse. After a consult with ISOHEALTH Head Coach, Matt Jones, I decided to enrol in his S&C program, which put a huge emphasis on dead lifts. Matt’s vast experience in rehabilitation therapy was beautifully incorporated into the program to create a safe and effective system that not only builds strength but also prevents the pain typically associated with complex movements done with poor technique. In a few months I was deadlifting double my bodyweight and was free of any back pain. I highly recommend the ISOHEALTH S&C program to everyone at any level of ability.”


“I have been seeing Matt Jones for 4 months now to help me with a back injury I sustained in a motor vehicle accident just under 2 years ago. In the year and a half leading up to being introduced to Matt I undertook a variety of different treatments. This included physiotherapy, massage and acupuncture for approximately 6 months and Pilates for an additional 7 months. These programs had very little effect on my injury and my back pain was getting progressively worse. To the point of starting to limit my ability to work as well as play with my daughter.

It is only after starting to work with Matt that, for the first time since my accident, I have begun to feel an improvement in my back. The main difference between Matt’s system and the previous rehabilitation programs I’ve undertaken is that he not only helps you with your recovery but also explains the reason behind the exercises and teaches you how to take care of and manage your injury in a way that is suited to your particular circumstances, such as family and work. This as opposed to just being put on some standard rehabilitation program for common back related injuries.

Matt pays a very particular interest in his patients’ health. He is incredibly passionate and eager to get you back to optimal health as soon as possible. He takes his time with you and really tries to answer all the questions that comes up during my recovery process.

I would give Matt my strongest recommendation to anyone in a similar situation. I only wish I would have come in contact with him sooner.”


“He is without a doubt the most knowledgeable helpful strength trainer I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.”

BELINDA NESS, World Champion (1996), Canoe Polo

“Matt was of huge assistance during the rehabilitation of my dislocated knee.”

RAFAEL STERK, Olympic Team (2000), Water Polo

“Matt has produced strength and conditioning programs that were crucial in developing myself to the levels needed to play internationally.”

HELEN DENMAN, Olympic Team (1996), Swimming

“Matt has the ability to think laterally and applies his knowledge to create programs suitable to each individual. I have been very pleased with my own strength improvements under Matt’s training program.”


“I am stronger and healthier at thirty-two than I ever was in my twenties. I have absolutely no doubt that with Matt’s help I will be even stronger at forty.”

BEC SCHWARTZ, Athlete, SA College of Elite Golf

“During my two-year period at the South Australian College for Elite Golf. Matt helped me to develop strength that benefited my golf swing considerably.”