Back Care & Posture

Do you suffer from chronic back or neck pain?


The Jones Spine Method can help you to eliminate pain and start enjoying life again!

Matt Jones’s method of back care and postural training is something he developed over the course of his 20+ years in the field of Strength & Conditioning and spine rehabilitation. His own experience with breaking his neck and, later, herniating multiple discs and then rehabbing himself back from both injuries, brings an empathetic slant to Matt’s rehab process. This coupled with his academic knowledge and his experience on both sides of the coaching process (as an athlete and a coach), have played a huge role in the development of his unique spine care system, the Jones Spine Method.
With his specialised approach to back care and rehab, Matt also served as the Strength & Conditioning Specialist at The International Spine Centre (ISC) for three years and continues to be a part of their referral team.  
How can the Jones Spine Method help you?
Matt has rehabilitated a wide range of people from all walks of life using the Jones Spine Method including clients with persistent back pain, patients who have recently undergone spinal surgery, numerous elite athletes and first responders.
The Jones Spine Method can:

  • Significantly reduce back pain
  • Strengthen your back and bulletproof your spine
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Better your posture whilst both sitting and standing
  • Reduce the chance of future injuries

How can I organise an appointment with Matt?
If you are currently suffering from back pain and have not yet been assessed by a well qualified doctor (one with a special interest in back pain) then we suggest you take that as your first step to recovery. The General Practitioners (GPs) at The International Spine Centre are an excellent first port of call.
If you have already been assessed by your doctor and are ready to commence a posture and strength training program then please email [email protected] to book an appointment with Matt.
The usual pathway for people to get a good handle on Matt’s system is approximately 4-6 x 45min sessions (depending on the individual). We advise for people to undertake the sessions with approximately 1-2 weeks between appointments as this gives them time to practice the movement drills at home, thus allowing a good progressive and layered approach to learning the Jones Spine Method.
Pricing for a 45 minute Back Care & Posture session with Matt Jones, CSCS, is $165.00 (incl. GST).
Please email [email protected] to enquire about Matt’s available appointment times.
If you would also like to be able to access our ISOHEALTH facility for your daily/weekly self-directed or assigned rehab sessions, we do also offer a S&C Only Membership for all of your S&C needs (subject to certain requirements).