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[Sticky] Welcome, Rules & Intro!

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G'day Guys & Girls, 


We are really excited to have this forum up and running.  It's something that our members have requested for a long time and thanks to my amazing wife Sarah Jones it is now live and ready to roll! 


As of Sept 2017 this forum is invite only so I am sure it will be awesome, positive and productive.  I will however outline some rules and policies and they are things that will be strictly enforced.  Please read through this before making your first post (which will be an intro post here in this section under your real name).  Once you've done that then enjoy!!! 


Forum Rules/Policies


1.  INTRODUCE YOURSELF:  First post must be here in the welcome section.  Username must be your real name UNLESS you have a genuine reason to use a pseudonym (i.e. work anonymity etc) in which case please email us at [email protected] so that we can at least know who is who.  


2.  MANNERS MATTER:  Always be respectful and polite.  There are plenty of places in the world where "old fashioned" values have long since died but in here they are very much alive and valued.  A culture of manners and respect is extremely important to us and if you've happened to have a tough day at work then it can be nice to jump online for some information and be greeted warmly by fellow forum members.


3.  NO ADVERTISING:  This is not something we anticipate having any issue with but it's better to be clear from the outset.  This includes no links in signatures etc.  


That's it, have fun and let's all learn some stuff together! 


Kindest Regards,


Matt Jones